Tim featured on Boom Reactive Podcast

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Tim was invited to Boom Reactive to be part of their ‘Business is Booming’ Podcast. He discusses a variety of topics relating to social media awareness, how your personal social media use can impact your business and how your business’s social media presence should reflect the goals and tone of the company. They also talk about how no one should go to see concerts…ha.

Listen to the Podcast!

Notes from the Show

• Jon(of Boom Reactive) claims his Twitter account refrains from profanity. Follow him to find out if that’s true.
• Tim claims his Twitter account is exclusively professional. Follow him to find out if that’s true.
Potentially controversial picture from a baseball game.
Strange Donuts: Social Media Success
Big Flats Twitter Account: One of Jon’s Favorite’s
• Google Image Search for “Make The Journey The Destination

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